Below is a short clip of 20 very funny anti-cannabis commercials/PSA’s that hit the mainstream over the past couple of decades. It’s hilarious, because all of them contract the truth about cannabis, and that’s the fact that it’s a very healthy, beneficial plant for adults with numerous therapeutic and biological benefits. It also has the ability combat multiple diseases, and these are facts that are firmly established in scientific literature around the world.

This is why more people are using medical cannabis, and why more people are learning how to acquire their license to grow cannabis legally. Growing your own cannabis for medicinal purposes is the best way to go. Today, more people are having a harder time trusting government sold weed, especially now that big pharma is getting involved. There is no way of knowing if your cannabis is safe and free from harmful pesticides and heavy metals unless you grow it yourself.

Health Canada allows you to grow approximately 5 times the amount of grams you were prescribed per day in plants i.e. if you were prescribed 5 gram per day, you can grow 25 plants indoors. Many Doctors are not comfortable signing these prescriptions and if they do, they are extremely conservative and don’t understand that many people prefer to eat or juice rather than smoke and this require much more product.

That’s where we come in, we connect you with doctors who understand and we help you with the paperwork throughout the whole process. If you’d like assistance to make sure you go through the process legally and the right way, please contact us about acquiring a licence and we’ll help you through the process every step of the way.