26-year-old Sivan Maimoni lost her battle with cancer and passed away recently. She was prescribed cannabis oil to stabilize her condition. But as soon as the Health Ministry ended her prescription, Maimoni passed away.

Many who attended her funeral are blaming a failed reform by Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman (UTJ). “She died because of the health minister of the state of Israel! and may God avenge her blood. We will avenge her soul, I promise you” one funeral attendant screamed dramatically as reported by Kan 11.

During her mandatory army service, Sivan began feeling back pains and was eventually diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare cancer that grows in connective tissue – cells that connect or support other kinds of tissue in your body.

Following conventional cancer treatments including radiation treatments and chemotherapy that eventually led to her beating cancer and healing from the disease.

According to an Israeli news outlet:

“She started feeling better. She was great. Her life was good and beautiful. And then it returned.” explained her friend, Roni Chanukah, whose daughter was being treated in the same oncology ward as Sivan.

After a year-and-a-half, the doctors reported that her cancer had returned and this time, it was fatal. Sivan didn’t want to undergo any more chemotherapy and decided instead to take Rick Simpson cannabis oil,  an oil product developed by Canadian medical marijuana activist Rick Simpson. “She decided to take ‘Rick Simpson’ oil. And it worked and she healed. The oncologists saw that she was healing” Chanukah added.

Sivan was prescribed the oil for two months. While using it, she was functional and “felt good”.

But last year in July 2018, Israel’s medical marijuana reform meant that the type of marijuana that Sivan used was no longer available.

“When it’s hard for you and you smoke (marijuana), it eases the pain and brightens your mood, it increases your appetite and does only positive things even just by smoking it. There are studies on it. Everyone knows it. It’s high time that the world understands it, that this country understands it” Chanukah said.

Sivan almost beat cancer a second time and would be alive if she received her prescription.

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