Over the years we’ve been hit with so much cannabis propaganda that’s spread false information around the world, thugs brainwashing the masses. Today, people are un-learning and re-learning, thus starting to see how ridiculous it was, and still is in many parts of the world, that cannabis is/was illegal despite its medicinal and health properties, and life/biological damaging products like alcohol and cigarettes remain completely legal.

All we saw when it came to cannabis and brain research were it’s potential “damaging” effects, no one ever studied what goo it is doing, but researchers are now starting to at least take a look.

A recent study published by the team at the University of Colorado Boulder, in the peer-reviewed journal Addiction, explored substance use on grey and white brain matter. Grey matter is the substance in the brain that includes the cells, dendrites (‘feelers’ at the ends of cells), and the axon terminals (the end that inserts into receptors). White matter provides the communications between the clusters of grey matter.

They compared alcohol to cannabis, and found nothing but damage from alcohol, but not cannabis.

In the comparison of grey and white matter, cannabis performed much better than alcohol. The team discovered “Marijuana and associated cannabinoid products, […] were not shown to have any long-term impact on the amount of gray matter in the brain or on the integrity of the white matter.”

Another investigation of the long-term effects of cannabis on brain health came to pretty much the same conclusions.  Staci Gruber led the study, “The Grass Might Be Greener: Medical Marijuana Patients Exhibit Altered Brain Activity and Improved Executive Function after 3 Months of Treatment“. This study explored long term effects on brain health for medical cannabis patients.

After three months of treatment,  participants in the study  showed better task performance in conjunction with better activation within the frontal cortex and an area of the brain called cingulate cortex. The cingulate cortex is in charge of aspects of emotion and memory. Study participants had measurably better results than their baseline data before they started cannabis therapy.

Gruber highlighted that participants’ brain activation patterns also returned to normal activity patterns, which were similar to the patterns recorded in people not using medicinal cannabis. The study indicated improvements in brain pattern activity in medical cannabis patients after only three months of consumption. The study is ongoing and will follow up with patients for 24 months total.

Pretty cool isn’t it?

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