As the video below points out, big pharma is terrified of legal marijuana in the United States. It’s legal in Canada, but that’s only because the government and big pharmaceutical companies are now getting involved with regards to selling it. They are taking over the industry, and it’s ironic because prior to legalization in Canada people went to jail for this, and now the government/corporation want to become the dealer.

Many people are ‘hip’ to this, which is why they are feeling the need to grow their own marijuana. Why? Simply because it’s hard to trust government went. How does one know what pesticides are used? What is being sprayed on it? Is the cannabis genetically modified? 

The regulatory process for medical cannabis is very poor, ot long ago, a gentleman by the name of Jeffrey Raber, PhD, CEO of The Werc Shop in California state gathered a team and actually tested 57 different cannabis concentrate samples. The results were disturbing to say the least. The study by Werc,  found that more than 80 percent of the cannabis samples were contaminated, with several strains containing unsafe levels of solvent and pesticide residues. Residual amounts of isopentane, a solvent used to concentrate cannabis, were detected in 30 percent of the solvent-based “dabs,” while others contained traces of butane, heptane, hexane, isobutene, isopropyl alcohol, neopentane, pentane or propane.

You can read more about that story here.

It’s just one of many examples, which is why more and more Canadians are choosing to grow their own cannabis. For information on how to acquire a license and prescription, you cam refer to THIS article. Contact us and we can help take care of the prescription and the paper work for you. 

We help you with the paper work to get your ACMPR license and connect you with a compassionate doctor who is willing to write you the prescription you need so you can grow as many plants as you require.