Former U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker will serve as outside counsel for Toronto-based CBD company Alternate Health, in a consulting position.  Alternate Health also acquired Whitaker’s Missouri law firm, Graves Garrett, as part of the agreement. Whitaker was a controversial figure during his short term running the U.S. Department of Justice under President Donald Trump. Whitaker served as acting attorney general for three months after Jeff Sessions resigned in November 2018. Whitaker’s role at Alternate will apparently consist of  advising the CBD company.

This brings up an important point, and that’s the fact that mainstream cannabis, especially in Canada, is being taken over by government and big pharma. The next question is, can you trust it? Who knows how it’s grown, and what type of safety process it goes through with regards to what pesticides are used etc…

The regulatory process for medical cannabis is very poor, not long ago, a gentleman by the name of Jeffrey Raber, PhD, CEO of The Werc Shop in California state gathered a team and actually tested 57 different cannabis concentrate samples. The results were disturbing to say the least. The study by Werc,  found that more than 80 percent of the cannabis samples were contaminated, with several strains containing unsafe levels of solvent and pesticide residues. Residual amounts of isopentane, a solvent used to concentrate cannabis, were detected in 30 percent of the solvent-based “dabs,” while others contained traces of butane, heptane, hexane, isobutene, isopropyl alcohol, neopentane, pentane or propane.

You can read more about that story here.

The legalization of cannabis also threatens the corporate profits of many big pharmaceutical companies, it only makes sense for them to get involved..

The point is, there are several great reasons to grow your own cannabis, growing for your own medicinal needs under Health Canada’s ACMPR program can be very rewarding and give you piece of mind knowing full well what chemicals and pesticides went into it. That’s what we do, we help you with the paper work and connect you with a compassionate doctor that’s willing to write you the prescription you need.

Hyasynth Biologicals laboratory in Montreal currently has scientists working on genetically engineering the active ingredients in marijuana and then patenting them. They are part of multiple genetic engineering firms across Canada and the U.S., that’ve popped up over the past couple of years.

As CBC news reports, “Cannabis producers, biotech firms and drug companies, along with the law firms who represent them, say genetic engineering — a controversial technique pioneered in agriculture — will allow companies to patent genes synthesized from cannabis, potentially unlocking billions of dollars in new investment and creating jobs.”

This may be true, but people don’t really desire cannabis when it comes from drug companies, and other corporations they deem unethical.

Another great reason to grow your own. The list goes on…