As some of you reading this already know, we here at License To Grow provide people with help and guidance to navigate through Canada’s ACMPR program. The truth is, Health Canada allows you to grow approximately 5 times the amount of grams you were prescribed per day in plants i.e. if you were prescribed 5 gram per day, you can grow 25 plants indoors. Many Doctors are not comfortable signing these prescriptions and if they do, they are extremely conservative and don’t understand that many people prefer to eat or juice rather than smoke and this require much more product.

What we do, aside from helping you with the process and paper work, is connect you with compassionate doctors who are willing to write you the prescription you need. If you’d like assistance to make sure you go through the process legally and the right way, please contact us about acquiring a licence and we’ll help you through the process every step of the way.

What we also do through our blog, is raise awareness about the medicinal and environmental uses of Cannabis, among other things, like present documentaries like the one below.

This documentary explores the longstanding relationship of human beings and cannabis, from its use in ancient Asia to its ban in 20th century America. Enjoy!