Herb recently attended Cancer Con 2018, and it’s stories that come from places like these that never seem to attract any mainstream media attention. The truth about cancer is that it’s a big business, and a huge money maker for the medical industry. The only approved treatments for cancer are cancer drugs, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Nothing else is allowed to be recommended but just imagine how much money would be lost if another substance, that can literally be grown by anybody and can’t really be patented, had more success?

For years cannabis has been destroying cancer cells in the lab, yet there have been no clinical trials. Meanwhile, when a pharmaceutical drug shows half as much promise, clinical trials are set up and funded right away.

That being said, people have been taking matters into their own hands, a small example comes from the video below.

Does our healthcare system really care about health, or does it care about making money off of sickness? These are important questions to ask and might provide insight as to why many people are still unaware of the power that cannabis holds to potential treat and even cure various cancers.

Growing your own cannabis can be a very rewarding experience. Many doctors are hesitant to write a prescription that would allow Canadians to grow as much as they need. Many doctors don’t know that some patients require a big prescription in order to make it into oil, if they need to.

Contact us if you want to obtain your license to grow your own cannabis, we connect you with compassionate doctors and help you with the paper work.