According to recent animal research that’s been conducted recently,  THC can influence the aging brain. THC appears to reverse the aging process and improve mental processes, raising the possibility it might be useful for the treatment of dementia in the elderly. This is remarkable, given the fact that we’ve been fed propaganda every single year and have been given the opposite opinion.

For the study, mice were given a small daily dose of THC over over the period of one month, at the age of 2 months, 12 months and again at 18 months of age. The doses were was small enough to avoid any psychoactive effect, and it’s important to remember that mice have an approximate lifespan of two years.

The study looked at the animals’ learning, memory, orientation and recognition skills.Mice that were 18 months old given THC  showed cognitive skills equal to 2-month-old controls, and the placebo group suffered cognitive deterioration associated with normal aging.

According to one of the authors, neurobiology professor Andreas Zimmer, University of Bonn, “The treatment completely reversed the loss of performance in the old animals. We repeated these experiments many times. It’s a very robust and profound effect.”Furthermore, gene activity and the molecular profile in the brain tissue was equal to much younger animals. Neurons in the hippocampus grew more synaptic spines, these represent points of contact necessary for communication between neurons. Quite remarkable isn’t it?

Again, when you think about all of the propaganda we’ve been fed over the years, this is evidence of the exact opposite, and what we’ve always suspected. It’s one of many examples showing that medical cannabis could be a huge threat to the pharmaceutical industry, unless they take it over which is what they are trying to do.

This is why we encourage people in Canada to grow their own cannabis through the ACMPR program.

According to Zimmer, the THC  “turned back the molecular clock” in the treated animals. Furthermore, prior research has also shown that the brain ages much faster in mice who do not have functional receptors for THC, suggesting THC may be involved in the regulation of the aging process.

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