An Israeli firm has conducted clinical trials and discovered that marijuana still delivers pain relief when taken in small qualities, known as micro-dosing. This, according to the company’s research, makes cannabis the best option as it eliminates side effects. The company is called Syqe Medical.

There are people out there who use medical marijuana but don’t enjoy the high. Using this method, the patients did not feel the effects of the high, but were able to feel the effects of the medicine working by micro-dosing.

The company’s CEO Perry Davidson said “It’s about using the smallest amount of the drug to get the highest symptom relief, lowest side-effects and best quality of life,.”

He told The Times of Israel the level of pain relief from a micro-dose was shown to be similar to regular doses, and said that as a tiny dose avoids side effects it is a better option. He commented: “Cannabis use usually comes with side effects. We have found that a micro-dose can give significant pain relief, similar to the pain relief from smoking cannabis, but has close to no side effects which makes it a better way of dosing.”

Syqe conducted the research because the company makes an inhaler that can be programmed to dose THC in micrograms, with what it says is unique precision — and claims that the results point to the usefulness of this technology. Davidson said: “We’re moving, for the first time, towards being able to give physicians detailed information on the actual dose that they should be prescribing, and enabling them to be sure that the desired amount is actually reaching the patient’s body.”

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