People are buying a record amount of cannabis during the coronavirus pandemic, which is not a surprise, a similar thing happened with alcohol as well. This sentiment comes from the chairman of Curaleaf Holdings Inc. The cannabis producer recently saw its highest ever monthly sales in June and July is shaping up to be another record. (source)

The important question to ask, however, is can we completely trust our cannabis sources? What kind of pesticides are they using? Are they safe? There are so many things to consider when it comes to purchasing your cannabis from an outside source, and that’s why we encourage people to grow their own cannabis, whether it’s for recreational or medicinal purposes.

If you live in Canada, if you have a prescription you can grow large amounts if that’s what you require. Here at licence to grow we connect you with a doctor via Skype who will listen to you get the proper documentation you need which will allow you to grow more. It’s all done electronically. We then help you through Canada’s ACMPR program that allows you to grow your own cannabis.

If you grow your own cannabis, that way you know exactly what’s in your weed, which, in today’s day in age, is very important.

If you’d like assistance, contact us right away!