There are countless treatment methods available for different anxiety disorders, and medical cannabis is a relatively new option for Canadians looking to manage their symptoms. Studies indicate that cannabis is a promising option for people suffering from anxiety, and it’s easy to acquire a medical cannabis license and grow your own plants.

Types of Anxiety

Anxiety is the way our bodies respond to stress, and no two people feel it in exactly the same way. It can come up in a variety of different disorders, including:
● Social anxiety
● Phobias
● Post-traumatic stress disorder
● Panic disorder
● Separation anxiety

Different people respond to different forms of treatment, but cannabis has been shown to
have positive effects in a number of studies.

Anxiety and Cannabis

Just as the body responds to stress by feeling anxious, cannabis products can cause relaxation and help people manage their symptoms of anxiety. Both THC and CBD have unique health benefits for anxiety in addition to a number of other health conditions. THC has been associated with a reduction in some OCD-related symptoms, and its relaxing psychoactive properties help people stay calm throughout the day or when trying to sleep. Pure CBD oil is another popular medical option, and many people prefer it because it does not produce a psychoactive high. Each of them can be used effectively for a wide range of
anxiety disorders.

The Best Medical Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

People unfamiliar with cannabis often assume that all cannabis is created equal, but the truth is that different strains have sometimes wildly different effects for both recreational and medical users. Furthermore, different people can respond differently to the same strain, so finding the right strain for you may take some trial and error. Fortunately, there are some ways to predict which strains are likely to help people suffering from specific health conditions, and Canadians have found that some strains are incredibly effective for anxiety disorders. These strains are a great place to start if you’re getting into
medical cannabis for anxiety.

Day and Night Strains

Strains are commonly broken down depending on the time of day at which they’re being used. Sativas, which generally cause more uplifting and euphoric effects, are recommended for daytime use and can even help you be more productive. Indicas, on the other hand, are typically more sedating and may make it difficult to focus or work throughout the day. Many medical cannabis patients use sativas during the day to stay alert and then switch to indicas to help them relax and fall asleep at night.

The Best Strains for Daytime Use

● Durban Poison: Like many other strains that are best during the day, Durban Poison
is a sativa-dominant hybrid with both recreational and medical benefits. Its high is
considered uplifting and euphoric, and it can keep you energized throughout the day
while dulling your symptoms of anxiety.

● Caramel CBD: Surprisingly, Caramel CBD is an indica strain that is most effective
throughout the day. As the name indicates, Caramel CBD was designed to have high
CBD content. Its low levels of THC will prevent you from feeling too “stoned”, but it
will still mellow you out and help your body relax.

● Cannalope Haze: Like the countless other strains that make up the Haze family,
Cannalope Haze is a heavily sativa-dominant hybrid that can help you get the right
start to your day. In addition to its applications for anxiety, it can also assist people
suffering from fatigue and depression.

Nighttime Strains

These indicas may make you too sleepy and lethargic to use regularly during the day, but
they’re incredibly effective for relieving stress and helping patients get a restful night of

● Hindu Kush: This is a pure indica strain that’s also often used to treat chronic pain. In
addition to its euphoric psychoactive effects, it also helps the body relax at the end of
a workday, which can be tough for many people suffering from anxiety. Similarly,
Hindu Kush can stimulate your appetite, another common anxious symptom.

● G13 Skunk: Like Hindu Kush, G13 Skunk is an indica strain capable of treating both
psychological anxiety and chronic pain. Furthermore, it has been effective for many
people suffering from insomnia and depression, both of which are heavily associated
with anxiety disordered. G13 Skunk is used as a base for many hybrids, but it’s also
incredibly powerful on its own.

● White Widow: One of the most famous cannabis strains worldwide, White Widow will
slow you down and relax your body when you need to de-stress. Just like G13
Skunk, White Widow was used for a large number of hybrids, and it’s easy to see
why it gained so much popularity.

Hybrid Strains

While some cannabis strains are mostly indica or mostly sativa, hybrid strains combine the
benefits of both and are often more versatile than either one is individually. These hybrids
are great for anxiety patients and can be grown for personal use.

● Northern Lights: Northern Lights is an extremely well-known cannabis strain that is
very popular among recreational and medical users alike. It’s also much stronger
than many other strains, which means it may cause too much of a high for new users.
On the other hand, experienced cannabis users looking for serious anxiety relief
should turn to Northern Lights.

● Strawberry Glue: This strain causes a relatively even balance of psychological and
physical relaxation, making it good for nearly any case of anxiety. Strawberry Glue
can take somewhat longer to grow than some other strains, but it’s well worth the
wait if you want effective cannabis for your anxiety disorder.

● Green Crack: Green Crack is a more sativa-dominant strain than the other two
hybrids on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful for anxiety patients.
After smoking or otherwise ingesting Green Crack, you’ll soon start to feel its
trademark euphoria lift away your anxious thoughts. This is another strain that’s very
well-known among recreational users for its strong head high.

Growing Your Own Medical Cannabis for Anxiety

The recent Cannabis Act legalized the use and growth of cannabis for both recreational and medical cannabis users, and growing your own plants can be substantially more cost-effective than purchasing from a dispensary. Those planning to grow a large number of plants can benefit even further from extremely low wholesale prices. Although recreational users in Canada are limited to just four plants per household, medical patients with Health Canada licenses can grow many more plants depending on their prescription. Applying for and receiving a license is a simple and quick process that will
significantly raise your growth limit. Once you’ve received your license, the next step is to grow strains that will ease your anxiety and allow you to manage your symptoms more effectively. These nine strains are a great starting point for anyone interested in exploring the effects medical cannabis can have on anxiety disorders.