Dr Dani Gordon, a double board certified medical doctors talks about cannabis and depression, a very hot topic right now. Before she started adding cannabis medicines to her own practice she heard a lot of misconceptions about cannabis and depression over a decade ago. She explains that when she was in medical school they didn’t really learn anything about the endocannabinoid system. This is odd, given the fact that this system regulates so much of our health.

Before attending medical school Dani was always interested in natural health, evidence based nutrition, and herbal medicine. Helping people feel healthier and happier has always been a top priority. Dani saw that medical school typically focused on drug therapies and down stream diseases, although critically important, she had a keen ambition to help get people healthy and teaching them how to stay healthy! ‘Expanding her medical toolkit’ quickly became Dani’s focus, and after leaving medical school, as a now practicing doctor.

Below is another more in-depth interview with about medical cannabis.