Callie Blackwell’s son Deryn had been fighting leukemia followed by Langerhans cell sarcoma for four years. Following doctors’ fourth and final attempt at a bone marrow transplant, they warned the family it was the last opportunity to save his life.

Deryn contracted an infection in the hospital post surgery. He became very sick  and according to Callie and  “was literally being kept alive by antibiotics. That’s what they told us.” Doctors estimated he had three days to a week left to live following the turbulent aftermath of his transplant.

Deryn says he was ready to give up and had started planning his funeral. “After four years of treatment, it [was] enough,” he told This Morning.

While all of this was going on, his mother was researching cannabis treatments.

Callie asked doctors about Bedrocan, a cannabis-based pain relief product popular in Europe. Her doctors told her it wasn’t an option so she decided to obtain in illegally and give it a chance. He was dying.

Deryn was also open to it, and as  The New York Daily News explains, Deryn’s parents “met with a dealer to buy marijuana. They then found a recipe online that showed them how to turn it into a liquid form so they could give it to their teenage son.

The effects of the treatment were overwhelming, within half an hour to an hour, Deryn, who had been overcome with anxiety over his impending death, “was chilled out, just relaxed.”

Deryn’s condition improved not just emotionally, but physically. For example, when doctors removed bandages from his hands, expecting little to no progress, his fingers showed signs of recovery. Further, doctors had warned that his white blood cell count would remain nonexistent, but after just five days of taking cannabis — 75 days after his final bone marrow transplant — they returned.

To test the effectiveness of the tincture, Callie says she withdrew the treatment and the white blood cell count “started to go down again.

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