Interested in making edibles? Better yet, making edibles from Cannabis that you grew on your own? Under Canada’s ACMPR program, you can now grow your own marijuana. This is what we help people with, the paper work, the process, as well as finding a doctor willing to write you the prescription you need. Not a lot of doctors understand that for medicinal purposes, a lot of people prefer to make edibles and even oil, thus they need a much larger prescription which would allow them to legally grow as many plants as they want. That’s where we come in, so be sure to contact us if you need help with obtaining your license.

To Make Canana0 Oil and Canna-Butter, you’re going to need 1 ounce of dried cannabis flower, and 2 cups of butter, or two cups of oil, either coconut, canola, olive, or peanut oil. You’re also going to need a fairly large saucepan, a wooden spoon, a large clear bowl or container, cheesecloth, string, a rubber band or tape.

Step 1: Put the marijuana in a food processor or blender. A coffee grinder will work as well. Make the marijuana as powdery as possible, make sure it is fine.

Step 2: Place a large saucepan on the stove and add enough water so that it is approximately five inches deep.  Remember, the marijuana needs to be a good two inches from the bottom of the pan at all times.

Step 3: When the water is at a full boil add the butter and allow it to melt fully.


Step 4: Once the butter has melted, turn down the heat to low and add the cannabis. Make sure the mixture  cooks slow and low, you’ll need to  have it on the stove for approximately 3 hour, and remember, DO NOT BOIL.


Step 5: At the beginning,  the mixture will look like water, that’s because the cannabis has not yet mixed in effectively. The butter will begin to change color, and the mixture will begin to appear dark and thick.

Step 6: While the canna-butter is cooking set up the bowl to hold the finished product. Place a double layer of cheesecloth over the top of the bowl. Hold it in place with tape, string or a rubber band.


Step 7: When the mixture is thick , strain the marijuana butter over the bowl like you would drain water from pasta.

Step 8: Allow the canna-butter to cool, you can place it in the refrigerator until the butter and water has separated. The butter will have risen to the top layer and become solid. T

Step 9: Run a knife around the edge of the bowl and lift the butter off.


Step 10: Place upside down on your work surface and scrape off any of the cooking water. Below is a picture of what the finished product should look like.