We specialize in helping people obtain their license to grow their own medical marijuana, weed, cannabis, or whatever you like to call it! What we do is we help you with the paper work, and we also connect you with a compassionate doctor who is willing to listen to your needs. All this is done through Canada’s ACMPR program. We are based in Toronto, but if you live in Canada we can help you out.

The truth is, people have different growing requirements, and many people need to grow more than the legal limit of four plants per household in Canada. If you have different requirements, this is where we come in. Our doctors can write you a prescription, if you need it, which will allow you to grow as much as you need to meet your medicinal requirements.

We always recommend you grow your own weed, because that way, you know exactly what’s in it! And it’s the only real way you can know what’s exactly in it.

If you’re interested, click HERE to get started and take advantage of Canada’s ACMPR program!