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Cannabis Clinics in Canada That Prescribe High Grams Per Day


Most Canadian clinics and doctors won’t prescribe larger amounts of medicinal cannabis. Many won’t prescribe it at all.

The majority of doctors and NPs don’t fully understand how patients use medicinal cannabis ie oils, edibles, topicals etc. A healthcare practitioner generally thinks a modest grams-per-day prescription will be enough for any patient regardless of how they mediate with cannabis.

Medical doctors don’t understand why many cannabis users need high doses.

What Sets Licence To Grow Apart from Other Canadian Clinics?

Licence To Grow’s staff is well aware that some patients need as much as 95 grams of medical cannabis each day and are prepared to provide it.

Several Canadian cannabis clinics don’t follow this standard. The vast majority of Canadian doctors don’t support high prescription dosages. RX limits are set at 5 grams per day for these people.

But those involved with Licence To Grow feel that the patient should have some control over the quantity of medicinal marijuana provided.

That’s why Licence To Grow only works with doctors that care about their patient’s well-being.

Our doctors are happy to prescribe up to 95 grams daily if this will be in the best interest of the patient.

This is the clear differentiation between LTG and the other guys, but it isn’t the only thing that makes us unique.

Guaranteed Health Canada Approval

LTG is comfortable obtaining clearance from Health Canada despite our high grams per day prescriptions.

The amount of cannabis you want to cultivate doesn’t matter as long as it is for your personal medical use; LTG can help you obtain an ACMPR License for 5 grams or 95 grams each day. We will do everything it takes to get you approved for an ACMPR License, or we will refund your money.

The LTG Is There For You Every time.

Licence To Grow prides itself on providing top-notch customer support. Every member of the LTG team is accessible to chat at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.

This clinic was founded by growers! So we’ll provide quick answers to all your ACMPR-related inquiries.

You can expect award-winning service and rapid replies to any inquiries or problems you may have for us.

We recognize the importance of high plant counts.

There are many various ways to treat a medical problem with cannabis, and our experts understand this.

Some medicinal cannabis users need just a few grams of the drug daily to deal with a medical condition effectively. Another group needs 100 grams or more per day.

The amount of the prescription isn’t only determined by the patient’s condition, such as whether they have ADHD or are dealing with severe cancer symptoms.

Medical cannabis administration is a personal choice for each patient. Traditional cannabis inhalation is quite different from juicing in terms of potency.

Juicing cannabis is much more wasteful than smoking it. Consequently, a patient choosing to juice rather than smoke their plants requires larger plant counts.

Locating Cannabis Clinics From Toronto to BC 

By following these pointers, you may find a cannabis clinic from Toronto to British Columbia.

Trust is Key

Since there are so many Canadian cannabis clinics and physicians to select from, locating one is not difficult. What makes it even more challenging is finding a doctor you can trust.

An ACMPR consulting service is the best way to discover a reputable doctor who has succeeded with the ACMPR program.

Although Licence To Grow is one example, there are more consulting services.

It isn’t easy to discover a trustworthy business as it is to find a trustworthy doctor. Only work with a completely legitimate ACMPR consultant before you hand over your money.

The simplest method to achieve this is to seek positive customer testimonials that speak to the legitimacy of the service. Inquire with existing ACMPR farmers about their experiences working with ACMPR consultants.

Compare the Costs

Getting a “Grow License” saves money on medicinal cannabis. Even if you’re willing to pay the high retail bud shop costs or even buying pot on the black, growing your own will always cost less.

An ACMPR consulting firm doesn’t need to charge $1,000+ for its services. However, it is essential to remember that just because a service is inexpensive does not imply that it is legitimate.

Compare costs, but don’t let that be the only consideration. Regarding ACMPR, you may want to spend a little extra money on a respected business.

ACMPR License from Licence To Grow 

Licence To Grow makes obtaining an ACMPR License effortless. It’s four steps.

  • Apply through the contact form

First, notify LTG of your interest in ACMPR.

Fill out a form on Licence to grow’s website. Watch your email for the next steps.

  • Appointments at Canadian Cannabis Clinics

Many Canadian cannabis clinics have joined Licence to grow. This guarantees that all of our patients are seen in a timely way.

You’ll schedule an appointment with one of our registered medical specialists to get your medical cannabis RX.

Please don’t be scared; the steps are straightforward. In less than five minutes, the appointment may be completed by a simple phone call.

  • Fill out ACMPR requirements.

When your medical paperwork arrives, fill out the application. Don’t be scared by the length of this 10+ page paper.

We’re here to assist at Licence to grow. You’ll need to complete the paperwork, but we’re here to help.

  • Get Health Canada’s Approval

Health Canada handles the fourth stage, while Licence to grow handles the first three.

After submitting an ACMPR application, you just have to wait. Health Canada can approve ACMPR growers swiftly.

But sometimes, Health Canada’s approval might take weeks or months.

Real vs. Fake Canadian Cannabis Clinics

It’s harder than ever to locate a reliable medical cannabis clinic like Licence To Grow. You’d assume the opposite, yet firms are developing their reputations poorly.

Their websites and ads include fake reviews. 

As an ACMPR growing applicant, it’s your job to spot fakes.

The most effective approach to verifying an ACMPR consulting service or medical clinic is to ask other growers.

Some Canadian cannabis clinics have a few random reviews. Please don’t use them.

Most likely, they’re not a good option and can’t get you a high grams per day License.

Join Licence To Grow’s  Facebook group for inquiries regarding Licence to Grow’s 95-gram-per-day licensing procedure.

Every ACMPR grower will tell you that locating a medical cannabis clinic is the hardest part of the licensing process.

The issue is finding a doctor who will prescribe the number of grams per day you want and need.

Many physicians don’t know that patients require a large prescription to treat their ailments.

This is true for patients who juice or make extracts with their cannabis. Finding a clinic or doctor who will work with you is not hard. With Licence To Grow, all the hard work is done.

Now you don’t have to waste your time looking for a clinic that will prescribe you a larger amount of grams per day. Regardless of the situation, we’re here to help.

A Medical Cannabis Clinic That Recognizes the Value of High Plant Counts

It is usual for a cannabis clinic to question the necessity of hundreds of cannabis plants for personal use. Licence To Grow, on the other hand, understands the requirement for high plant numbers better than anybody else.

For years, the creator of LTG suffered from excruciating back pain, getting prescriptions for many pain relievers from qualified doctors.

Nothing appeared to work…until he began consistently utilizing cannabis as a therapy approach.

He chose to stop smoking to help with the discomfort while continuing his usual day-to-day activities successfully.

It felt like juicing his medicinal cannabis would be a better option.

As you may be aware, juicing medicinal cannabis – or anything – requires a large amount of raw material. To create a small quantity of juice, you need a large number of crystally buds.

The doctors who didn’t bat an eye while administering dangerous pain relievers were reluctant to prescribe more than a few grams of medicinal cannabis daily.

A few grams is not enough for many people, mainly if juicing is part of their regimen.

Unfortunately, many medical professionals are unaware that medicinal marijuana is a wonder medication capable of treating trauma, anxiety, sleeplessness, pain, and so on.

And, if a doctor or nurse practitioner is ready to issue a medical cannabis prescription, most believe patients should never need more than 7 to 10 grams daily.

However, this grams-per-day dosage is insufficient if you’re juicing your plants or just need to smoke different strains to properly medicate. A prescribed quantity of 50, 70, or even 95 grams daily is more appropriate.

This is why Licence To Grow has made it a point to exclusively work with caring healthcare practitioners that are prepared to prescribe large RX dosages.

Why Should You Invest in Licence To Grow’s Services?

Whatever medical cannabis services you need, it is critical that you pick one that is entirely legitimate. Many ACMPR consulting businesses make claims and make promises without following through.

At Licence To Grow, this is not the case. One of our guarantees is that Health Canada will approve you. When it comes to keeping that commitment, we’ve had a perfect track record.

Another assurance we can provide is that our medical cannabis clinic partners will prescribe you the quantity you need.

Whether you need an RX for 5 grams per day or 95 grams per day, we can acquire it here at LTG. Our physicians and practitioners recognize that you are the most excellent judge of your own medical requirements.

In other words, they will not attempt to convince you that 5 grams per day would be enough for your instance of anxiety or sleeplessness. They will not attempt to persuade you that you are insane if you believe that 95 grams per day is what you need.

Instead, they will listen to what you say without passing judgment. As long as your ailments are legitimate, LTG’s physicians will prescribe up to 95 grams daily to assist you in getting the plant counts you want.

Guaranteed Cannabis Clinic Approval Is Simple

Find a medical cannabis clinic that recommends high grams of cannabis daily. Numerous doctors are ready to provide prescriptions for cannabis at high doses presently work with Licence To Grow’s healthcare partners.

How to get a larger medical cannabis prescription should be easy after ready this blog, but to be sure, let’s go through the basics. The prescription size has a significant impact on the plant count. The more RX you have, the more plants you can grow.

Learn how to apply for an ACMPR License to produce medicinal cannabis and get approved with this step-by-step guide.

  • Send Basic Info

First, show interest. Please fill out one of our contact forms to get a quick reply from LTG.

  • LTG Medical Partners

Most prospective ACMPR growers fear this step. Licence To Grow has streamlined medical appointments.

You may arrange a call with a doctor using our booking system. You  questionnaire you fill out before the visit will provide the doctor with all your medical details. Plan on 5 minutes with the doctor.

  • Complete the Official Application

After the phone call appointment, the formal prescription should come in the mail within a week.

This must be sent to Health Canada’s headquarters along with a completed ACMPR application. If you have any questions about the application forms, please contact us. We’re here to help.

  • Stop buying medical cannabis and start growing!

After sending the application and original RX to Health Canada, you must wait for the ACMPR License.

Once it comes, you can legally start growing and never have to purchase from an expensive, overcrowded dispensary again.

Is ACMPR Medical Marijuana Consulting Necessary?

In our years working with the ACMPR, we’ve found that using a reputable clinic like us is vital. If your doctor prescribes 2 or 3 grams each day and that’s enough for you, take it.

If you require a medical cannabis clinic that prescribes hefty doses, you’ll need a specialized ACMPR consultation.

Why the 95 Grams Per Day Limit?

One of the most often asked topics at Licence To Grow is, “Why does Licence To Grow restrict prescription amounts to 95 grams daily?”

It’s not only to prevent you from cultivating hundreds of gorgeous cannabis plants from the comfort of your own home. There’s a reason why our physicians seldom prescribe more than 95 grams each day.

In our experience, Health Canada is unlikely to dispute an application that includes a prescription with a double-digit value. Health Canada inspectors begin to inquire when a prescription approaches the triple digits, such as 100 or 125 grams daily.

You’ll have difficulty finding a doctor who prescribes more than 95 grams daily. Just tread gently if you do. A triple-digit RX is less likely to be registered by Health Canada than one that stays in the double digits.

We’re not saying the service isn’t legitimate; we’re just saying it’s unusual for a medicinal cannabis clinic to issue prescriptions in the triple digits. Beyond 95 grams per day is not recommended for assured clearance with Health Canada.


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