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The 28-Year-Old Using Cannabis Oil For His Brain Cancer


The number of people using cannabis oil to treat their cancer is and has been skyrocketing for years. There is a large quantity of scientific evidence showing that cannabis can destroy and treat cancer cells in a lab, yet no clinical trials have been conducted. Despite the fact that this plant shows huge potential with regards to being a potential cancer treatment, there has been a huge lack of research and funding to really find what ingredients within the plant should be used for different cancers, how much, etc. This is where clinical trials would come in handy, and it’s unfortunate that they have not taken place. It’s actually quite a head scratcher.

This lack of clinical trials has encouraged many to take matters into their own hands, and by the scientific community it’s simply as considered anecdotal evidence, but despite that fact it hasn’t stopped people from sharing their success stories.

There have been many stories shared over the years via social media, etc.

One of the latest stories comes from a young man named Easton Nash, who was given approximately one month to live after being diagnosed with Grade 3 inoperable Anaplastic Astrocytoma Brain cancer and told that he must “start treatment immediately.”

According to the Green Fund.

When he was diagnosed, Easton informed his work about his situation and the upcoming battle he would face, to which his boss and CEO of King’s Garden Charley Kieley responded by asking:

“Have you considered using Rick Simpson Oil?”

While Easton knew vague details about RSO, a full spectrum, high THC cannabis oil, he had never considered it as part of his treatment.

Named after it’s creator, Rick Simpson, RSO was created in the 90s after the retired engineer suffered from a severe head injury and found that existing medications weren’t helping him.

Rick Simpson grew his own cannabis crops, which were a high THC, low CBD indica strain, and extracted them into a concentrate containing upwards of 80% THC.

Suddenly, Rick’s symptoms had all but vanished, and Rick fell in love with his home-brew medicine, eventually giving it away for free to anyone that asked.

While Rick no longer sells or provides his signature oil, he continues to inform others of its benefits. As a result, companies have continued to carry the torch and name their own high THC cannabis oils after the medicine’s inventor.

After discussing it with his boss, and doing some research of his own, Easton decided to bring up RSO with his doctor.

To his surprise, his doctor encouraged the decision and wrote Easton a prescription for cannabis oil

According to his GoFundMe page that was created earlier this month:

His tumors almost have depleted but .after his most recent MRI it’s showing reoccurring in two places.
Our goal with this go fund me in to raise enough money to fund him going to the Gerson institute in San Diego so he can get a holistic, natural treatment and say goodbye to this brain cancer for good. Please share, send good vibes, or donate. Everything is appreciated.


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