There’s only one thing that compares to good weed, and that’s good sex. A satisfying sex life makes you a happier person overall, and a healthier one too. Research shows that the sexually active not only take fewer sick days, but they also are less stressed and sleep better at night. Sounds pretty good, right? Absolutely, but if we’re honest, good sex is hard to come by, especially for us ladies. Here’s a depressing fact: approximately one-third of women rarely or never get off.

There are so many things we’ve been told to do to enhance our sex lives, from trying different positions to keeping the glasses of wine we consume beforehand to a minimum. Making small adjustments to your lifestyle can certainly help, but it’s not enough for everyone. When it hurts to have sex, it’s hard to find a position that you enjoy, and even harder to get turned on. But don’t give up just yet, not until you’ve tried weed lube. According to one study, its primary ingredient cannabis improved the sex lives of 72% of female participants, so get intrigued, because you could be next.

As if the words “weed” and “lube” in the same sentence wasn’t intriguing enough, there are two proven sexy ways the two together in one product can make your hoo-hoo happy.  For one, it relieves discomfort, the main culprit of lousy sex. Whether you have endometriosis cramps or just need a little extra lubrication, weed lube can keep pain at bay by relaxing your vaginal muscles, providing an all-over body buzz, and getting you wet. Turned on yet?

Weed lube doesn’t just make sex painless, but it also delivers intense orgasms. It can get you off not once, but multiple times. If you don’t know what it feels like to get off, thenget ready for some learnin’. The experience can best be described like this: your vagina is its own person and just smoked a joint and is happy, high, and in control, bae or no bae. That’s right all my single ladies; weed lube is as effective when you use it solo as it is with a partner.

When shopping for the best weed lube, one company you should always consider first is Foria. Foria products are what sparked the weed lube rage. When their first weed lube, Foria Pleasure, launched in 2014, every weed- or lube-loving-lady on earth was talking about its unique pain-relieving, sensation-heightening abilities. Fast forward a few years, and it’s still worth talking about. Foria Pleasure is an oil-based lube made with coconut oil and infused with THC extract. Testimonials are promising for women looking for what one satisfied customer calls “ecstasy in a bottle.”  Not a single review, out of dozens, has less than a 5-star rating.

Since Foria Pleasure was such a hit with the ladies, the company then decided to release Foria Awaken, essentially the CBD-version of Pleasure. Foria Awaken is legal around the globe and consists of 8 plant-based aphrodisiacs, broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD being one of them. Like Pleasure, Awaken is a 5-star product with stellar reviews. The worst anyone has to say about it is that its mint chocolate scent isn’t their favorite. As a mint chocolate chip fan, I disagree, but to each their own.

you were forced to choose between Foria Awaken and Foria Pleasure, it wouldn’t be easy. Both bottles of “weed” lube exceed the expectations of women and their partners when it comes to sex, but one contains THC, and the other doesn’t. Does the presence of THC make sex better, or vice-versa? With the THC version, you will go from dead fish to freak with just a few pumps. It makes you super sensitive and boosts your libido, to name just two of its steamy perks. Overall, you’ll probably notice the most difference in your orgasms and sex drive with Foria Pleasure, and fast.

Foria Awaken, on the other hand, is a godsend when it comes to diminishing pain. It also gets you a bit wetter downstairs. You’ll notice increased pleasure alright, and increased sensitivity. It’s just not as intense as its more euphoric sister. But you know, with the right companion, you don’t necessarily need the assistance of THC to make your sex life exceptional. For some, pain is the only thing that’s stopping them. CBD is an excellent pain-reducer. It won’t get your lady parts as lit as THC, but it will help you to loosen up and have fun.

The downside to Foria products is that they’re oil-based and therefore unsafe to use with condoms. If you’re not trying to get pregnant or prefer to steer clear of unprotected sex, then there are water-based weed lubes too that are designed to be latex-friendly so that you can use them safely with latex condoms and toys. There’s even lube for the fellas. Here are the other weed lubes and CBD lubes on the market that deserves a test drive:

Quim Rock is a weed lube brand made by women, for women. Who knows how to get a lady off better than, well, a lady? Like Foria, Quim Rock is oil-based, but soon, they are releasing a latex-safe serum called Oh Yes! Oh Yes! is formulated with 100% organic aloe vera, which is soothing and anti-fungal, and better for your pH. Until then, you have their Night Moves Intimate Oil to enjoy. It’s not latex-safe but contains tea tree, an antifungal and antiseptic that fights off UTIs and yeast infections, along with damiana, a plant that extends the duration of the big O and reduces vaginal dryness.

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