Home Depot is not getting into cannabis cannabis through partnering  with  American Cannabis Company Inc. No, they will not be selling cannabis directly, but instead will be selling the Denver company’s brand of growth soil online through their digital storefront. This soil will now be available on Amazon.  Walmart and Home Depot’s sites.

We are entering into an unprecedented area, as cannabis legalization has will create many more incentives for big companies to get into the game any way they can. As per usual, we always tend to rely on big companies to provide us with our medicinal needs. When it comes to cannabis, this is a worry because you may not always know what’s in it.

As far as this soil that’s now available online, it might be best to do your own research and testing regarding what soil you want to use to grow your own cannabis, because clearly, that’s the way to go. Purchasing cannabis this days means you don’t know what’s in your cannabis, it may be contaminated with carcinogenic pesticides, fertilizers and heavy metals. The only way to know what’s in your weed is to grow your own.

Terry Buffalo, CEO of American Cannabis Co, claims that their  company spent years perfecting its soils, potting mix blend and fine-tuning the messaging around the brand itself. Apparently, the fully amended, pH-buffered potting mix will continue to disrupt the agricultural markets because all you have to do is just add water, and it eliminates the human error element from cannabis and non-cannabis crop cultivation.

If you live in Canada, and you want to grow your own, You will need a Doctor to give you a prescription using the proper Health Canada form found here. Once signed, you will have to mail this document along with the ACMPR form found here which require you to specify where you plan to grow and you will also need the property owners consent if it is not your primary residence.

This is where our company comes in, we connect you with compassionate doctors who are willing to provide you with a prescription so you can grow your own, as much as you need. This is the safest and best way to access medical marijuana in an era of legalization that is only really benefiting governments, and big pharmaceutical companies who are now in the game to sell it, as well as produce it without us really know how it’s grown, and what chemicals are used.

Once you mail out the prescription along with the ACMPR document you are not legally allowed to begin growing. While it is very common for people to start growing because they believe that the Doctor is basically the gatekeeper to the program while Health Canada is more administrative, you are not yet legal and could get in trouble with the law. You have to wait until Health Canada mails you your official licence and then and only then are you legally allowed to begin growing.
We strongly recommend starting out the right way and this will ensure you are 100% legal and can focus on the fun of growing for yourself.

If you’d like assistance to make sure you go through the process legally and the right way, please contact us about acquiring a licence and we’ll help you through the process every step of the way.