The varied benefits of cannabis for both recreational and medical users are well documented, but new studies continue to demonstrate more and more positive effects. A recent study published in Sexual Medicine found that consuming cannabis before a sexual encounter may increase a woman’s chances of experiencing an orgasm. A link between cannabis and sexual wellness is far from new, and people in various cultures have viewed it as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. If your current sex life isn’t everything it could be, cannabis may be the perfect way to spice things up and keep you satisfied.

Previous Studies

While the new study mentioned above, published earlier this month, shows a strong connection between cannabis and sexual satisfaction, this isn’t the first time people have looked into these effects. A survey dating to 1984 found that over two-thirds of users experienced heightened satisfaction and pleasure following the consumption of cannabis. Another study showed that
those who use cannabis have more sex than those who do not. The most recent study from Sexual Medicine was the first to put these connections and reported experiences to the test.

Study Details

Dr. Becky K. Lynn, who acted as the study’s lead researcher, decided to start pursuing the link between cannabis and sexual satisfaction after she heard from patients who had used cannabis for their own sex lives. They had success with cannabis for chronic pain disorders, an inability to orgasm, and a low sex drive. Three hundred and seventy-three women were involved in the study and analyzed over a period of eleven months. Compared to women who didn’t use cannabis, those who did had
more than twice the chance of experiencing an orgasm. Additionally, a majority of respondents noted that they felt less pain during sex, as well as a higher sex drive.

Frequent Cannabis Users Experience More Orgasms

The main results of the study found a connection between cannabis use directly before sex and the chance of an orgasm, but it also indicated that those who use cannabis regularly were even more likely to experience orgasms than occasional users. In fact, frequent users had orgasms over twice as often as infrequent users. Additional research is required to gain a more complete understanding of the correlation between cannabis and sexual satisfaction, but this study is part of a long history of research indicating that cannabis users have better (and more) sex. If you’re looking for ways to change up your sex life, cannabis could be your best option.