Now that cannabis is legal across the country, more and more Canadians are beginning to look into personal growth for both recreational and medical use. Current laws for recreational users permit up to four cannabis plants in each household. By contrast, medical cannabis users are subject to virtually no plant limits. While each patient is technically limited based on certain factors about his or her grow, the medical limit is higher than most users would need for personal medical use.

The Recreational Limit

The ability to grow up to four cannabis plants in your own home sounds great, especially compared to complete prohibition. While some users will be content with the recreational limit, the truth is that growing a mere four plants can be much more trouble than it’s worth. Adding more cannabis plants to your grow adds only a small amount of extra work, but it could substantially increase the amount of cannabis you end up with. If you’re serious about growing your own plants, you’ll want more than the four plant yield after weeks of work. This is especially true if you use cannabis for a medical condition, as regular users will likely run out much more quickly than expected. Those who turn their plants into edibles will also need more than four plants in order to make a sufficient quantity.

Growing More than Four Plants

Medical patients who need to use cannabis regularly in order to manage serious health conditions need more than four personal plants, and it’s surprisingly simple to receive a medical license. Patients with Health Canada medical cannabis licenses aren’t subject to the limit of four plants. We’ll cover the basics of the licensing process along with the growth limits imposed on medical users.

How Many Plants Can Medical Users Grow?

For the vast majority of users, the limits placed on personal medical cannabis growth are essentially meaningless. Most people will be able to grow as much as they need for personal use, although you should still be aware of the legal growth limits, which vary from person to person. The limiting factor for medical patients looking to grow a large number of plants is their cannabis prescription. A medical user with a higher per-day cannabis prescription will be allowed to grow more plants than someone with a smaller prescription. You can discuss your health condition with your doctor to come up with a prescription that suits your medical cannabis needs.

Indoor and Outdoor Growing

Another factor that is used to determine the personal growth limit for licensed medical users is the location of the plants. Outdoor plants are generally significantly larger than indoor plants, so people who grow outside are restricted to a lower number of plants. The combination of location and prescription is used to determine the specific plant limit:

10-gram prescription

○ 49 indoor plants
○ 19 outdoor plants
○ 37 indoor plants and 10 outdoor plants

30 grams

○ 146 indoor plants
○ 57 outdoor plants
○ 110 indoor plants and 29 outdoor plants

50 grams

○ 244 indoor plants
○ 95 outdoor plants
○ 183 indoor plants and 48 outdoor plants

 80 grams

○ 390 indoor plants
○ 152 outdoor plants
○ 292 indoor plants and 76 outdoor plants

95 grams

○ 463 indoor plants
○ 181 outdoor plants
○ 347 indoor plants and 91 outdoor plants

Although growing in a single location may sound more convenient, many users prefer to grow both indoors and outdoors to take advantage of their unique benefits. Outdoor plants generally grow better during the growing season, allowing them to become much larger than indoor plants. On the other hand, people who only grow outside have to stop growing throughout the winter.

Becoming a Licensed Medical User

The process of applying for and receiving a medical cannabis license for growing personal plants in Canada can be broken down into three steps. Find a Doctor It’s easy to find a doctor who will prescribe you cannabis, either through an in-person
appointment or a Skype call. Many services offer quick, convenient calls for prescriptions and are open to providing the prescription you feel you need to help manage your symptoms. Look online for a doctor who prescribes cannabis if you would prefer Skyping to a physical appointment.

Fill Out and Mail Documents

Once you have received a prescription from your doctor, you’ll need to send it in to Health Canada along with some other forms that are required for medical licenses. You’ll also need to state whether you plan to grow outside, inside, or a combination of both to determine your plant limit.

Receive a License

After your application has been processed, Health Canada will send you a legal grow license stating that you are allowed to grow a certain number of plants. From there, all that’s left to do is set up your grow!

Growing Your Own Cannabis

Now that you know the steps to receiving your own medical cannabis license in Canada, simply follow these steps and you’ll be ready to start growing in the next few weeks, even if this is your first time using cannabis medically or recreationally.
Cannabis offers a number of important health benefits to medical users suffering from a variety of serious conditions. Medical patients can grow many more plants than recreational users, so receiving a license is important for those who need to use cannabis regularly.

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