Do you already have an ACMPR/Cannabis Act license? If so and you’re interesting in renewing your ACMPR licence online, our process is very fast, very easy, and we also have the lowest prices in order for us to guide you through each step. If you don’t have an ACMPR licence to grow your own medical cannabis, we can help you through the process obtaining one. We’ve been in the cannabis consulting industry for a long time and we can definitely get you growing soon. We have a 100% success rate in getting our clients their growing licence.

Step 1

If you’re interested in renewing your licence, the first step is to fill out the form here (to the best of your ability) You’ll need a picture of your drivers license.

Step 2

Once your form and photo ID are submitted you’ll be able to book your skype appointment with our medical practitioner. Our consulting fee’s are below. Once you submit your information and book your skype consultation you’ll get more details on how to make your payment.

5 grams per day – $200 (25 Indoor plants, or 10 Outdoor plants)
10 grams per day – $300 (49 Indoor plants, or 19 Outdoor plants)
20 grams per day = $400 (98 Indoor plants, or 38 Outdoor plants)
30 grams per day = $600 (146 Indoor plants, or 57 Outdoor plants)
40 grams per day = $700 (195 plants indoors or 76 Outdoor plants)
50 grams per day = $800 (244 Indoor plants, or 95 Outdoor plants) <- Most Popular
60 grams per day = $1000 (292 Indoor plants, or 114 Outdoor plants)
70 grams per day = $1200 (341 Indoor plants, or 133 Outdoor plants)
80 grams per day = $1300 (390 Indoor plants, or 152 Outdoor plants)
95 grams per day = $1500 (463 Indoor plants, or 181 Outdoor plants)

Step 3

After your payment is made, your consultation will be confirmed with our medical practitioner.

Step 4

Within the week we’ll courier your prescription to you and email you the ACMPR documents that are required to be submitted to Health Canada along with your prescription.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We’re always at your disposal at every step of the way.

Step 5

Click HERE to fill out your patient intake form, book your Skype appointment and make your payment.