As cannabis transforms into a legitimate Canadian industry, people interested in cannabis are looking for jobs all over the industry. Small and large companies are looking for employees with a wide range of skills, and these tips will help you find a job in cannabis.

Be Ready to Adapt

Every business working in the field of cannabis is relatively new, so there are still a lot of moving parts around the industry. If you’re planning to work for a cannabis-related company, you should be ready to take on additional responsibilities and deal with the unexpected developments that come with being part of a growing startup. Most cannabis businesses are made up of small teams and relatively unstructured, so you’ll likely be expected to be a team player and pick up responsibilities whenever they come up. On the other hand, cannabis may not be the best field for those looking for a more traditional work environment.

Learn About the Business

For the same reasons, it’s important to be confident that your company is set up for long-term stability and growth. Many startups fail within their first few years, so you should look into more details about the business to be sure that you’re working for a business you believe in. The most important information about a cannabis company include its funding, leadership,
and plans for the future. Ask how the business plans to stay afloat and how long it can make it before it will need to start turning a profit. Asking questions and potentially observing red flags will help you avoid working for a company without a future.

Sell Your Skills

Cannabis is a crowded industry, and you’ll need to set yourself apart from other applicants in order to get the best jobs available. Recruiters and businesses see countless applications that talk about their passion for the industry, and that’s not always enough value to be hired. The economy is more fluid than ever, and adding to your own skill set is a valuable process
for employees in all industries. Finding new ways to sell yourself to cannabis companies will ensure that you have security in the field, even if something goes wrong in your first job. Cannabis is a rapidly expanding industry offering seemingly unlimited opportunities to employees in a wide range of specializations. These tips will help you find the perfect
cannabis-related job that takes advantage of your skills and puts you in a position to succeed with a growing business.