Mike Tyson is making headlines across the world of cannabis when in 2016 he created a Holistic cannabis company that cells premium strains of cannabis. Now, Tyson is planing to open a 420 acre ranch in the California desert that will specifically be a marijuana resort with a hotel, tents, a river, a music festival venue and much more. Instead of alcohol sold to visitors like all of the resorts we see today, and this resort, weed will be sold and visitors will be allowed to smoke anywhere on the property.

Tyson works with local famers to row his cannabis, and he is currently in negotiations to build another ranch on the border of Florida as well as Georgia.

The proposal for the elaborate resort pictured below. The ranch, located near Desert Hot Springs and Palm Springs,  will include a Tyson University to educate future farmers on how to cultivate marijuana.

What was his inspiration? ‘It changed his life. He’s the perfect person,’ Tyson’s business partner Rob Hickman said on their partnership in an interview with GQ.

In October the company had a full-fledged map plan for the elaborate ranch, however it’s not clear just how much progress has been made.  Tyson says the vision is to educate and engage the public in the healing properties of cannabis and CBD.

Tyson also says that weed save him when he was spiralling with severe substance abuse and so he founded his cannabis company in 2016 to make weed accessible.

You can read more about it and see more pictures at the Daily Mail.