A study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology shows that there is a reduction in dependence on opioids, antidepressants, sleep medications as well as alcohol alcohol in patients who were given medical cannabis for their condition. According to saludmóvil™, researchers found an astounding 76.7 percent drop in opioid use in patients who used cannabis. (source)

Another study recently published in Canada this year concludes:

This study offers a unique perspective by focusing on the use of a standardized, government-regulated source of medical cannabis by patients registered in Canada’s federal medical cannabis program. The findings provide a granular view of patient patterns of medical cannabis use, and the subsequent self-reported impacts on the use of opioids, alcohol, and other substances, adding to a growing body of academic research suggesting that increased regulated access to medical and recreational cannabis can result in a reduction in the use of and subsequent harms associated with opioids, alcohol, tobacco, and other substances.

Cannabis is a huge threat to the pharmaceutical industry, this is exactly why they are now trying to become the dealer and why it’s been illegal for so long in many parts of the world.

In Canada, big pharma is trying to grow it and sell it while cracking down on other people who do not have their licence to grow. Thankfully, you can grow up to four of your own plants, and if you need to grow your own, you can get your license to grow cannabis legally.

Not many doctors understand that some people have growing requirements that go beyond four plants, that’s where we come in. We connect you with compassionate doctors who are willing to write you the prescription you need. We also help you with the paper work and guide you through Canada’s ACMPR program.

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