Below is a very interesting interview with  the “grandfather of marijuana research,” Israeli chemist and former Hebrew University professor Raphael Mechoulam, isolated and identified the cannabis compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychotropic cannabinoid best known for its mind-altering effects.

His groundbreaking discovery has remained a topic of discussion for decades.

An important point to note before you watch the video is that, in multiple interviews, he has mentioned how it’s absolutely ridiculous how there have been no human clinical trials when it comes to cannabis in cancer.

It’s funny how when a pharmaceutical drug shows great promise, clinical trials are set up right away, yet here we have cannabis, a plant that’s shown great promise in the form of anecdotal evidence of people using it themselves, as well as on animals and cells inside of the lab. In the lab, THC and CBD have completely destroyed cancer cells.

It’s long based time that clinical trials commence.  It’s quite clear that this is an herb that has an unbelievable potential to be used as a cure and/or treatment for a wide variety of diseases.