Medical cannabis is already making great leaps on its own. This is why more people are choosing to grow their own cannabis for their own medicinal purposes, at least in Canada, where you can do it legally. That being said, other substances that’ve also been subjected to much demonization over the past few decades are now being studied for their medical applications, which is helping lift the unnecessary stigmas that’ve been associated with their use. We now know for sure that some of these substances, like cannabis, have tremendous applications, and that includes ‘magic mushrooms’ as well.

Israeli medical marijuana firm Cannabotech is currently researching how specific blends of cannabinoids, medicinal herbs, and mushrooms can be used for medicinal purposes.

“Every cannabis plant has 30-40 cannabinoids that are active in the body and a total of several hundred cannabinoids. We believe that the secret to the plant’s activity lies in cannabinoids that appear in small quantities in the plant. If you change the ratios between them and increase their concentration in the final product, very high medical effectiveness and unique compounds for treatment of various diseases can be attained. – Cannabotech cofounder and CEO Elchanan Shaked (source)

It’s interesting stuff, because Cannabotech has developed five such products to date for treatment of colon cancer, unexplained infertility, fatty liver, reduction of inflammatory activity, and heart and vascular diseases. These products are awaiting clinical trials.