Two interesting studies come to mind when it comes to CBD and quitting smoking, both of them were conducted by the University College London.  The firs one was published in 2013, for that study 12 smokers were given a CBD inhaler and another 12 smokers were given a placebo inhaler. Both were used when the users had a craving for a cigarette.  The study found that found those who used the CBD inhaler reduced their cigarette intake by 40 percent, and the participant’s  using the placebo had no significant change. Researchers speculated that “drugs that alter the endocannabinoid system may be an effective treatment for nicotine addiction.”

Fascinating, isn’t it? Here in Canada, more people want to grow their own cannabis, and they can do so by acquiring a medical marijuana license.  This is done through Canada’s ACMPR program, that’s where we come in. At License To Grow, we guide people through this process and connect them with passionate doctors who are willing to write you the prescription you need. So, if you want to apply for your medical marijuana license, be sure to contact us.

In more recent science, in  May 2018, another study on CBD to quit smoking came out of the UK. It was a double blind, randomized study and in it, 30 smokers were given 800g of CBD orally, or a placebo. In this study, participants were shown “pictorial tobacco cues” and were studied for for cravings, heart rate, withdrawals and blood pressure.  The results?  A single 800mg dose of CBD could help to reduce the “pleasantness” of cigarette cues compared to the placebo group, especially when participants had abstained from cigarettes overnight.

“These findings are exciting as they suggest CBD may interfere with some of the underlying mechanisms behind tobacco addiction and could potentially be a treatment for people who are trying to quit,” Dr. Amir Englund at King’s College London told iNews UK.

This stuff truly seems to be a miracle medicine, with so much research showing great potential to help people with a number of problems. So, if you or anyone you know needs help with quitting, perhaps point them in the direction of CBD.

Just as a reminder, CBD is non-intoxicating, so it doesn’t get you high and does nothing but provide you with several health/medicinal benefits. If you want to use it, get your license to grow your own marijuana here in Canada and find out how to make your own, or you can look into vaporizers, dabs, oil, and chewing gum