A study recently published in the Journal of Viral Hepatitis conducted by french researchers looked at over 10,000 people who have been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis virus (HCV) before they started their own investigation. They wanted to understand the correlation of cannabis use with preventing diabetes.

Their research showed that the people who claimed to use cannabis were just about half, or 49 percent, as likely to have diabetes as those who were not regular users. Even those who had used cannabis in the past had a reduced risk of diabetes compared to those who had never used it. However, the strongest correlation was with those who self-identified as regular users of cannabis.

“This is important information to gain because chronic hepatitis C raises the risk factor for insulin resistance, meaning those with HCV are more likely to develop diabetes than those who are not Hep-C positive specifically because of their condition. They can be more at risk to develop the condition even if they watch other factors that could contribute to it, so research is actively being done to help medicate this risk. ” (source)

“Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is a risk factor of insulin resistance, and HCV-infected patients are at a high risk of developing diabetes. In the general population, research has shown the potential benefit of cannabis use for the prevention of diabetes and related metabolic disorders,” the study explained in detail.