One of the best reasons to get your medical marijuana license? It’s hard to trust government and pharma weed. Who knows what’s in it how it’s being grown etc…The best option for you is to simply grow your own. If you’d like assistance in obtaining your license to grow marijuana legally in Canada, be sure to contact us, that’s what we do. Finally, you can grow cannabis for medicinal purposes.

An important study published in the journal Clinical Toxicology shows that people who use synthetic cannabinoids (also known as “spice”) actually suffer from impairments compared to those who use normal weed. The study is titled “Differential physiological and behavioural cues observed in individuals smoking botanical marijuana versus synthetic cannabinoid drugs,” and in it, the researchers measured behaviour and performance by reviewing arrest reports from drug recognition experts (DRE) to evaluate arrests  for impaired driving.

According to the study:

“16 synthetic cannabinoid and 25 marijuana records met selection criteria; the drivers of these records were arrested for moving violations. Median age for the synthetic cannabinoid group (n = 16, 15 males) was 20 years (IQR 19-23 years). Median age for the marijuana group (n = 25, 21 males) was 20 years (IQR 19-24 years) (p = 0.46). In the synthetic cannabinoid group, 94% (15/16) admitted to using synthetic cannabinoids. In the marijuana group, 96% (24/25) admitted to using marijuana. Blood was available for testing in 96% (24/25) of the marijuana group; 21 of these 24 had quantitative levels of THC (mean + SD = 10.7 + 5 ng/mL) and THC-COOH (mean + SD = 57.8 + 3 ng/mL). Blood was available for testing in 63% (10/16) of the synthetic cannabinoid group, with 80% (8/10) of these positive for synthetic cannabinoids. Those in the synthetic cannabinoid group were more frequently confused (7/16 [44%] vs. 0/25 [0%], p ≤ 0.003) and disoriented (5/16 [31%] vs. 0/25 [0%], p ≤ 0.003), and more frequently had incoherent, slurred speech (10/16 [63%] vs. 3/25 [12%], p = 0.0014) and horizontal gaze nystagmus (8/16 [50%] vs. 3/25 [12%], p = 0.01) than those in the marijuana group.”

The researchers concluded:

Drivers under the influence of synthetic cannabinoids were more frequently impaired with confusion, disorientation, and incoherent, slurred speech than drivers under the influence of marijuana in this population evaluated by drug recognition experts.

At the end of the day, this is simply another reason to grow your own marijuana. You’re most likely not going to be able to tell if the weed your are buying from a store is real or not. The only way you know your cannabis is real and what’s in it is if you grow your own.

So, apply for your medical marijuana license and get started. For more information on how you can do that, click here.