A Toronto-based company has ordered a recall of a cannabis product sold in Alberta due to contamination concerns. Newstrike Brands and its subsidiary, Up Cannabis, say the recall is a precaution because tests have found mould and microbial contaminates that exceed acceptable limits.The recall involves 1,428 units of one lot of Up Cannabis seven gram dried cannabis jars sold to the Alberta Gaming Liquor & Cannabis Commission. Newstrike says the affected cannabis has a Nov. 28, 2018, packaging date and was sold only in Alberta. It says to date there have been no complaints or adverse reactions to the pot.People can return it to where it was sold for replacement or a refund.

This is exactly why more people are starting to grow their own Cannabis in Canada. That being said, it’s not the easiest thing to obtain a prescription, there are still many doctors in Canada who refuse to prescribe Cannabis.

That’s where we come in, at License to Grow, we can connect you with compassionate doctors who are willing to write a prescription, therefore you can grow more than the limit, legally, with a license from health Canada.

Just follow the steps outlined on our site to get started. You should know what’s in your medicine, and letting other people grow it for you, especially the government, might not be the greatest idea. When you grow it, at least you know what’s in it and there is zero cause for concern.

Source: CBC News