It’s quite ridiculous that marijauna is still illegal in so many parts of the world. It’s becoming quite clear to the majority of people on the planet that it makes no sense at for marijuana to be illegal. We know too much about marijuana for it to be illegal, and that’s the fact that it is and can be used as medicine and treatment for a wide variety of ailments and diseases, and it’s showing tremendous amounts of potential for many others.

It makes absolutely how something like marijuana is illegal in places, yet drinking and smoking cigarettes, which are clearly bad for you and have no medicinal properties, is illegal.

This begs the question, is marijuana illegal in the places it is for economic and political purposes? Does the legalization of marijuana threaten any other industries? One could argue yes, it does, especially the pharmaceutical industry.

For example, A new study published in the Journal Complimentary Therapies In Medicine has found that approximately 50 percent of the US population suffers from sleep disturbances, and emphasizes that if cannabis can treat insomnia that it’s clinically relevant. The study found that sleep aid sales have declined with the recreational use and legalization of cannabis, based on data from Colorado, and points out that the negative association between cannabis access and sleep aid sales suggests a consumer preference for cannabis.

There are multiple examples.

So ask yourself, why do both President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appear to be out of step with the American public when it comes to their opposition to legalizing marijuana, as two-thirds of Americans support legalization.? (source)

Biden still believes it’s harmful to health and that it’s a “Gateway Drug.” You can read more about that here.