Jacqueline Patterson, a Missouri mother of 4, has been in the media spotlight ever since she shared her story with the world in the 2007 documentary, In Pot We Trust. Patterson has suffered from cerebral palsy from a young age, a debilitating neuro-muscular disorder that has set the stage for her lifetime of struggles. Fortunately, this all changed after Patterson started smoking pot.

n 2007, Patterson almost lost custody of her children due to marijuana possession. In retaliation Patterson headed to California, where medical cannabis is legal, to plead her case with successful avail.  Patterson says that marijuana has changed her life. Can you believe that? The fact that children could be taken away, in the not to distant past, for medicinal cannabis use? Unbelievable.

The video below showcases the powerful suppressing ability of medical cannabis on Patterson’s cerebral palsy. Within seconds of smoking,  her speech impediment drastically improves. Another great reason to grow your own cannabis.

The best way to insure your cannabis is safe is to apply for your medical marijuana licence and grow cannabis legally. We can help you do that, it’s what we do, so if you’re interested be sure to contact us.