It’s truly shocking just how much of a positive impact cannabis oil is having on people with Parkinson’s disease. There are countless amounts of examples that’ve been shared online from individuals, their friends, and their families that really goes to show that cannabis oil is something worth looking into if you, or anyone you know

Research on cannabis and Parkinson’s disease is limited, which is extremely odd given the fact that it’s clearly had the ability to help many people who are not waiting for the research, and have chosen to take matters into their own hands.

One of the latest scholarly publications on the topic states:

Marijuana has been shown to attenuate motor and nonmotor signs and symptoms of PD. However, there are limitations to the available research, including small sample sizes and lack of standardized clinical outcome measures. Neurologic manifestations of PD might be alleviated with cannabis products, but such assertions are yet be established in reference to patient-specific factors, such as disease stage, target symptoms, and prior levodopa exposure, and dosages of cannabis product have yet to be established. Further research will reveal the efficacy and safety of medical marijuana for patients with motor manifestations of Parkinsonism. Until then, pharmacotherapy with cannabis should be considered and applied with caution. (source)

At least things are progressing, and the growing number of people providing anecdotal evidence is inspiring the academic community to get involved and take a look.

When it comes to growing your own cannabis legally, not many doctors are aware that many people need to make it in to oil. That’s where we come in, we connect you with compassionate doctors who, if they see fit, are willing to write you the prescription they feel you need in order to help you with your condition. We also help you through the ACMPR program, if you life in Canada, which allows you to grow more than the standard legal amount, for medical purposes of course. Contact us if you want more information on how to get your license to grow your own medical marijuana.