Canadian cannabis users across the country rejoiced near the end of last year when the Cannabis Act made the plant legal for both recreational and medical users. That said, each province still has the ability to pass their own laws and regulations.While cannabis is now legal nationwide, you may be interested in the specific laws applicable to citizens of Quebec. These are some of the most important details surroundingQuebec cannabis laws following the national Cannabis Act.

Legal Age

The age minimum for purchasing or consuming cannabis products is 18, matching alcohol laws. Those under 18 are not legally allowed to enter a cannabis dispensary, so don’t forget to bring your ID with you when attempting to purchase cannabis.
Laws regarding distributing cannabis to minors remain strict, and both individuals and dispensaries can be punished for selling cannabis to those under 18. It’s therefore crucial for companies to card every single person who enters their establishments.

Growing Your Own Plants

Quebec has passed its own laws prohibiting the personal growth of cannabis plants for recreational purposes. Fortunately, acquiring a medical cannabis license is a short and painless process, and medical patients can grow a very high number of plants. If you receive a Health Canada medical license, your plant limit will depend on your prescription and the location of your grow setup. Cannabis users in provinces with recreational growth laws can still only grow four plants, which isn’t enough for many medical patients.

Where to Buy Cannabis

SQDC stores are currently the only legal option for people looking to purchase cannabis in Quebec, and they have unfortunately experienced issues with availability since cannabis was legalized late in 2018. These locations are operated and closely regulated by the government, including limits on purchasing and possession. Québécois are limited to 30 grams of dried cannabis per
purchase and 150 grams for personal possession.

Legal Smoking Locations and Other Regulations

While it’s legal to smoke cannabis in public areas in Quebec, there are exceptions to this rule that you should be aware of before taking your cannabis outside. Areas including childcare centers, campuses, playgrounds, schools, and more all prohibit cannabis consumption. Legalization doesn’t mean complete approval, so expect zero tolerance if you’re caught driving under the influence of cannabis. Punishments could include a suspended license and high fines. Employers can also create their own rules for cannabis consumption, so look into your company’s policies for more information. Being able to purchase and use cannabis legally is an exciting development for people across Canada, but there are still important cannabis regulations that smokers need to follow. For residents and visitors of Quebec, remember to follow these important details from Quebec’s cannabis legislation for when you’re ready to purchase cannabis for consumption or seeds to grow.