CannTrust Inc is a Canadian medical cannabis company that’s getting a lot of bad headlines. They’ve been caught growing their medical cannabis in unlicensed rooms and have completely stopped all sale of their products.  Health Canada is the entity that actually discovered the unlicensed cultivation at CannTrusts Ontario greenhouse. As a result, Health Canada put on hold approximately 5000 kilograms of the company’s products from that particular facility, and another hold on an additional 7,500 kilograms of pot products that were also linked to the unlicensed growing.

This represents the majority of CannTrusts products, and there has been no mention of all of the patients who rely on them and what they’re going through. Patients can register with another Licensed producer, of course, but situations like this, and many more, make it quite clear that everybody should really be taking their own medicinal needs into their own hands.

This is why we do what we do at Licence to Grow. So people can grow their own marijauna legally without any worry. We connect people compassionate doctors and help them through the ACMPR process to obtain their licence.

The latest news? Nick Lalonde, who said he was responsible for the disposal of cannabis at a Pelham, Ont., greenhouse for nearly two years, wrote an email to Health Canada on June 14, detailing how CannTrust was allegedly violating regulations by growing cannabis in an unlicensed room. Now, he has come forward come forward with new video allegedly showing the company’s biggest unlicenced grow room in operation in January.

The video is approximately five minutes long and shows RG8 or Range 8, according to Lalonde, the room where he claims to have been instructed to put up plastic walls to hide illegal cannabis in photos sent to Health Canada.  A CannTrust spokesperson confirmed the video was shot on company property.
You can watch the video from Yahoo HERE.