The recent Cannabis Act allowed Canadians to purchase cannabis or grow their own plants or both recreational and medical use, and homegrown cannabis is quickly becoming popular around the country. Growing your own cannabis plants is a rewarding process, and it’s typically much more affordable than buying cannabis from a dispensary. Being able to grow cannabis at home is a welcome change from previous laws surrounding cannabis, but you may not be aware of the limits imposed on recreational users. Without a medical license, users can legally only grow four plants per household. While this is probably enough for most casual cannabis users, medical patients who need cannabis to manage their symptoms will likely need more. Fortunately, applying for and acquiring a Health Canada medical cannabis license is a quick and simple process that you can start immediately. Once you’re a licensed medical cannabis patient, you’ll be able to grow an effectively unlimited number of plants and supply the medicine you need.

Medical Cannabis Growth Limits

Although medical users should be able to grow as much cannabis as they need, it’s still important to know the legal limits surrounding growth. Each patient is limited based on the size of their prescription and the location of their grow, whether inside, outside, or a combination of both. Discuss your needs with your doctor to ensure that you receive a prescription allowing for as many plants as you need.

Growing the Right Strains

Raising your growth limit above the four plants allowed for recreational will allow you to grow the strains that are most effective for your medical condition as opposed to waiting for strains to be in stock at your local dispensary. You can also experiment with new types of cannabis to continue looking for strains that reduce your symptoms.

Avoiding Cannabis Dispensaries

The presence of cannabis clinics is a positive development for medical users throughout Canada, but there have been significant growing pains since legalization. Dispensaries are still not always a reliable option for medical users, and the most effective medical cannabis strains are often expensive or in high demand. Growing your own cannabis ensures that you
have access to the medical cannabis you need at any time.

Investing in Your Plants

Growing cannabis may sound like work at first, but many people find that it’s an enjoyable experience. Like gardening and growing other plants, tending to your cannabis plants can turn into a personal hobby that also provides low-cost medicine. The four-plant limit imposed on Canadian recreational cannabis users may not be an issue for some people, but medical users will likely be disappointed with such a small yield after putting in weeks of work. These are just a few of the best reasons to consider acquiring a medical cannabis license and growing your own cannabis plants.

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