Below is one of many real life stories that are actually real when it comes the cannabis and cancer. Linda Coxon’s story was briefly picked up by mainstream media in Britain a couple of years ago, you can see that clip here.  In the video below she provides a better explanation of exactly what happened and where she is at now.

It’s odd how when a pharmaceutical drug shows half as much promise as cannabis does, that clinical trials are set up instantly. But for cannabis, it’s a different story. Cannabis has been destroying cancer cells in the lab for a number of decades, yet hardly any resources and research has been put into learning more about its cancer killing properties, not to mention clinical trials.

Furthermore, there are many mainstream articles claiming that cannabis doesn’t kill cancer. This is not true, there is no proof that it doesn’t kill cancer, and all the evidence available suggests that it does.

Perhaps the lack of further research is simply due to the fact that the cancer industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. The only approved treatments for cancer right now are radiation and chemotherapy. Just imagine how much profit big pharma would experience if a simple plant came along and stole the show?

For these reasons, and many others, people are deciding to take matters into their own hands. There are many success stories out there for people who desire to try cannabis when it comes to their cancer.

The entire cannabis killing cancer phenomenon is very interesting to look into, especially with regards to the individuals trying it.

This is also why more people are choosing to grow their own cannabis.