In Canada, you’re allowed to grow up to four plants of marijuana per residence. But did you know that if you need it, you can grow more? Everybody has different medicinal marijuana requirements, and if you want to grow more than four plants you’ll need a prescription in order to do so.

You will need a Doctor to give you a prescription using the proper Health Canada form found here. Once signed, you will have to mail this document along with the ACMPR form found here which require you to specify where you plan to grow and you will also need the property owners consent if it is not your primary residence. We recommend always getting the property owners consent even if you don’t need it for this licence. You could technically get a licence to grow without their consent but they could always evict you and its just bad karma, just tell them.

Here at Licence To Grow, we connect you with a doctors who is willing to listen to your needs. If you require a prescription to grow more than four plants for our own medicinal use, then you should have no problem obtaining it if you go through us. We help you will all the paper work that’s required for you to get your ACMPR license to grow your own marijuana.

We always recommend you grow your own weed, because that way, you know exactly what’s in it! And it’s the only real way you can know what’s exactly in it.

Once you mail out the prescription along with the ACMPR document you are not legally allowed to begin growing. While it is very common for people to start growing because they believe that the Doctor is basically the gatekeeper to the program while Health Canada is more administrative, you are not yet legal and could get in trouble with the law. You have to wait until Health Canada mails you your official licence and then and only then are you legally allowed to begin growing.